Starting Thursday the 3rd of November ending 8th of December

Reiki Workshops are run over six days (one day a week) and consists of Hands-on-Healing, Reiki I, II and Advanced.  Four Certificates and Comprehensive Manuals supplied.  Guided Meditations, Intuition Exercises and so much more. Please email me for more information.

Why Unpredictability Hurts, But Uncertainty Thrives

I doubt that there really is a Chinese curse that goes, “May you live in uncertain times,” but p

5 Things Happy People Do

5 Things Happy People Do By Gabrielle LeBlanc Sages going back to Socrates have offered advice on ho

Rules To Live And Love By

Ten Rules to Live and Love By By Kathy Freston   Seeing your partner through the lens of love r

The Science of Intuition

The Gut Whisperer Listening to your body can help you make better decisions. Psychotherapist Nancy N


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