Every reading/sitting is different. Whether it’s Guidance from the Spirit/Angelic realm or reconnection with a loved one on the other side, or even a bit of both, please bring whatever questions you have & try to keep an open mind/heart (a bit of both is always preferable ;-).

It is such a privilege to connect with loved ones on the other side and I find this among my most beautiful work.

Why I call myself a Medium and not a psychic:

The word psychic is quite a general term, with many people attaching negative impressions/ideas/expectations to what the word means.

Everyone has an intuitive or psychic sense, an inner knowing. Mediums fine tune this sense in such a way that we are able to communicate with spirits in other dimensions. I like to think of it as a different vibration. Like catching an am or fm signal. We are able to hear/feel thoughts, voices or mental impressions from the spirit world.


I love connecting with your Angels/Guides and these amazing beings give me the most interesting and unexpected insights. Their message is not dictate, but to gently guide and co-create with you.

Readings last approximately 40 minutes.

At the moment, readings are only done via Skype. For clients living abroad, payment can be made in Dollars via Paypal which will convert most currencies.